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A First for China: Duolun Technology Assisted the Successful Implementation of Jiaxing “Intelligent Motorcycle System” Trial in the Province

Recently, the “Intelligent Motorcycle System” scenario application in Jiaxing, a provincial trial and a first for China, has formally realized full city coverage and been popularized to the province. Traffic Police Division of Jiaxing Public Security Bureau founded the “Jiaxing Guohong Intelligent Motorcycle System Service Center” jointly with Duolun Technology as one of the samples in seven centers of the city, which has gained widespread media attention.



Media Coverage


What is the scenario application of Intelligent Motorcycle System


Based on digital reform, the “Intelligent Motorcycle System” scenario application focuses on fixing a broad range of problems for the masses, such as visiting different places, making multiple trips, offline labor-consuming and time-costing, for motorcycle driving school registration, getting a license after driving license tests, obtaining a motorcycle registration certificate and getting old motorcycle recycled, etc. through matters fusion, process simplification, data application and machine quick review.


Motorcycle one-stop service center



Full city coverage in Jiaxing


The comprehensive service machine in the service center has realized simultaneous networking with hospitals, driver training institutions and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). People can complete the remote auditing of physical examination, registration at a driver training institution, access acceptance of DMV and payment with a comprehensive service machine. Trainees will know their registration results within 1 minute, and relevant registration data will be shared with driver training institutions and DMV in real time.


Meanwhile, examinees can use self-service terminals to complete six procedures, i.e. theory test reservation, theory test, reservation of skill subject test, skill subject test, vowing and obtaining a certificate. Taking exams and getting a certificate can be done in “one trip” rather than the original “six trips” and the time is reduced to three hours from three days, thus “taking exam and getting certificate in one day”.


Support from Duolun intelligent test system for motorcycle riders


In early 2021, Traffic Police Division of Jiaxing Public Security Bureau invited Duolun Technology to participate in the process discussion and construction of “Intelligent Motorcycle System” service center. The renovation on the examination ground kicked off March 2021. After field investigation and research and meeting discussion, the renovation scheme was determined rapidly and the renovation on the site of intelligent test system for motorcycle riders, we well as equipment commissioning and launch, were finished in less than two months. 


For the Jiaxing Guohong Intelligent Motorcycle System Service Center, after the intelligent renovation by Duolun Technology, the motorcycles for tests in the Test II and Test III intelligent skill examination grounds are equipped with the terminal of Duolun intelligent test system for motorcycle riders, which improves the test intelligence level, reduces manual intervention through the vision analysis of machine and AI intelligent analysis, realizes the whole project intelligent evaluation and greatly enhances the efficiency and fairness of driving tests.





Exerting strength on delegating powers, improving regulation, and strengthening services, and serving the people

“Intelligent Motorcycle System” Service Center, spearheaded by the Traffic Police Department of Jiaxing Public Security Bureau, and supported by the ministries of transportation, health, market supervision and commerce, has established a mode of front-end information collection, whole process business supervision and backstage audit and management to realize the integrated sharing of events data and improve the service and management of the “motorcycle event”, which deserves to be promoted throughout the province and even the country.

According to Zhong Wei, deputy director of DMV, Traffic Police Division of Jiaxing Public Security Bureau, since the launch of the Intelligent Motorcycle System scenario application in May, the number of new candidates of motorcycle driving tests has seen a year-on-year growth of 57.2%. It is especially popular among young people. Meantime, totally 8,258 people obtained a motorcycle driver's license through “Intelligent Motorcycle System” or applied for a motorcycle license plate. The motorcycle test alone has saved 125,286 hours for the people, averagely 21 hours per person.




As urban traffic becomes increasingly congested, more citizens are opting for motorcycle transport. The bright orange of Duolun Technology in the red Jiaxing “Intelligent Motorcycle System” logo is more like Duolun Technology empowering technological strength to intelligent tests for motorcycle riders. “Intelligent Motorcycle System” scenario application is of practical significance for improving the service and management of the “motorcycle event”.



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