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National-level Pilot! Duolun Technology's Co-Declared Project Shortlisted for IoV Security Pilot of MIIT

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced the List of IoV Identity Authentication and Security Trust Pilot Projects, and the project of vehicle and road security communication direction jointly declared by Duolun Technology and its partners"Smart Highway IoV Vehicle-Road Identity Authentication Security System Construction and Operation Project"—was shortlisted.



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Publicizing IoV “National Team Projects  



Publicity Document


In order to implement the New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Planning (2021-2035), the Intelligent Vehicle Innovation Development Strategy and the work task requirements of the Fourth Plenary Session of the IoV Industry Development Special Committee, accelerate the construction of the ability to guarantee IoV security, build an IoV identity authentication and security trust system, promote the application of commercial passwords, and ensure the security of Cellular Internet of Vehicles (C-V2X) communications, the MIIT started the declaration of IoV identity authentication and security trust pilot projects nationwide. After more than 2 months of screening and evaluation, 61 construction projects were shortlisted (For the full list, please click Read the Original at the end of the article).



Constructing IoV Security 


This is another national-level project of Duolun Technology after undertaking the subject of Standardization and Demonstration Application of Integrated Testing and Evaluation of Intelligent Vehicle-Road Systems under Semi-open Conditions and the Research on Inspection Technology and Equipment for Operational Safety Performance of New Energy Vehicles, which indicates that the Company has reached new heights in the industries of IoV, intelligent vehicles and new energy vehicles.




The "Smart Highway IoV Vehicle-Road Identity Authentication Security System Construction and Operation Project" shortlisted this time mainly takes cryptographic technology as the cornerstone to build an identity authentication and security trust system suitable for intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs), establish the technical capability of vehicle-road collaborative identity authentication, manage the certificate of C-V2X models with the function of direct communication, and carry out cross-trust domain identity authentication in the application scenarios of vehicle driving by accessing to the relevant IoV Security Trust Root and the IoV Security Trust Root Management Platform of the MIIT, so as to guarantee the secure communication between different types of road testing facilities and multiple brands of vehicles, and build the safety guarantee capability of vehicle-road collaboration. 



Continuing to Expand IoV Application




Duolun Technology, a high-tech enterprise, is one of the pioneers in researching the security in the application of ICVs in China, and has rich research results and practical experience in intelligent vehicle safety. At the same time, after years of development, technically, Duolun Technology has had a comprehensive vehicle-road collaboration solution which is well laid out and independently developed, and it actively deploys and participates in the construction of National, Jiangsu Province and Nanjing Citys IoV Pioneer Zones.




In the face of the accelerated growth of ICV and IoV industry in the digital era in China, Duolun Technology will continue to expand the application of IoV technology, help build an IoV identity authentication and security trust system, and advance the development of IoV network security capability.

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