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Duolun Technology Passed the CS3 Certification of the Information System Construction and Service Capability Assessment System

The other day, China Federation of Electronics and Information Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China released the list of enterprises having passed the examination of “Information System Construction and Service Capability Assessment System”. After a series of processes such as enterprise self-examination, institutional assessment, on-site evaluation, and expert evaluation, Duolun Technology was awarded the CS3 Certification for Information System Construction and Service Capability. The CS3 level represents the Group’s good comprehensive capability in strategy, operation, talent, technology and management, and sufficiently reflects the Company’s capability in system integration innovation, information system construction and independent services.



Grade Certificate


1 National-level authoritative certification, showing recognized status in the field

To further regulate the healthy development of the information system construction and service industry, improve industry self-regulation, enhance enterprises’ core competitiveness and improve their ability and level of information technology services, China Federation of Electronics and Information Industry promulgated the latest standard on November 26, 2019: the group standard of Information System Construction and Service Capability Assessment System Capability Requirements, which is another new certification standard officially promulgated following the cancellation of Computer Information System Integration Qualification, and is recognized as the authoritative certification in the field of information system integration and services in the industry.




The capability component of the information system construction and service capability assessment system consists of capability domains, capability sub-domains, capability items, process requirements and metrics. The standard is divided into 4 capability domains, 17 capability sub-domains and 47 capability items, with each item corresponding to several process requirements and metrics, and this standard has a strict examination of all aspects of the participating enterprises, such as strategic management, business operation, basic security, and improvement and innovation.

After an all-round review of comprehensive strength, Duolun Technology successfully passed the CS3 assessment, marking the authoritative recognition of the Company’s status in the field of information system construction and service capability.


2 Continuous independent innovation to build core competitiveness


Duolun Technology has been cultivating the industry for nearly 30 years, and is committed to the technological innovation and industrial application of intelligent driver testing and training and smart city construction in China, in order to realize the deep expansion and diversified development of business in the fields of “people, vehicles, roads and cloud”. The four product systems of smart vehicle administration, intelligent driver training, smart city and smart vehicle inspection cover many links in the field of safe traffic and travel, and promote the industrial application of technology research & development and product innovation in the field of large transportation in China, making Duolun Technology the leader of intelligent driving test industry, the advocate for intelligent driver training industry, the promoter of smart transportation industry, and the practitioner of smart vehicle inspection industry.



Headquarters of Duolun Technology


On the road of independent innovation, the Group focuses on the improvement of talents, technologies, management, services and other capabilities, and researches in product development and information services carefully, becoming one of the two CS4 level enterprises and 79 CS3 level enterprises awarded nationwide this time. Duolun Technology has successfully completed another huge leap in terms of the information system construction and service, achieving a landmark breakthrough in the field of system integration.



Regulatory Platform

Adhering to the great vision of “making transportation smoother and roads safer”, Duolun Technology will continue to improve the information system construction and service capabilities. Based on independent innovation, we will deeply grasp the business needs of industry users, continue to focus on the inputs for technology and product research & development, industrial deep ploughing and development, and constantly integrate innovative technology and business, so as to provide assistance and empowerment for promoting the high-quality economic development of large transportation industry.



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