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Traffic Big Data Visualization Platform for Decision-Making

Traffic Big Data Visualization Platform is an integrated platform that supports decision-making for the public security traffic police department, a solution displayed on a large screen and tailored specially for the command center. Its ultra-high pixel full-screen dot-by-dot imaging presents clear, fine and delicate pictures. By making traffic data visible and tangible, the solution presents the charm and value of data visualization and improves user experience.

Based on big data center and the ten traffic data categories defined by Duolun, the platform uses visualized interactive data analysis algorithms for monitoring, summary and fusion analysis of city-wide traffic flow, traffic violation, traffic accident, traffic control, traffic index, traffic safety, logistics management, on-duty supervision and other information from macro, middle and micro levels. With electronic maps and large screens, the platform achieves integrated overall supervision of traffic network operation and management. Based on visualization, it helps command center monitor road traffic status, discover underlying patterns and traffic safety trends, study transport operation mode, and manage on-duty performance, providing reliable data and indicators to support decision-making.


Big Data Visualization at Jiangning Traffic Police Command Center

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