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Off-Site Traffic Law Enforcement Equipment

(1) Smart Checkpoint E-Police System


Topology Diagram of Smart Checkpoint E-Police System

1. Monitor and Record Vehicles Running the Red Light

The system automatically recognizes traffic light signals from videos. Any vehicle that passes when the red light is on will be quickly detected by the system host, which will then analyze and process the video to determine whether the vehicle has run the red light. If a violation is found, the system will save the high-definition snapshot of the violation to the local disk.

2.  Monitor and Record Vehicles Driving against Traffic Signs & Markings

Since the system monitors vehicles by directly analyzing the video, it can detect driving violations accurately, for example vehicles turning left or right on the straight-going lane, going straight or turning left on the right-turn lane, or going straight or turning right on the left-turn lane. The system can capture clear snapshots of vehicles going towards the wrong direction against the lane they drive on.

3. Monitor and Record Vehicles Illegally Rolling on Traffic Line

The system can capture snapshots of motor vehicles riding or rolling on the lane-dividing line. The system will automatically save three snapshots of vehicles in motion driving against the guided direction or riding or rolling on the lane-dividing line with at least one clearly showing the plate number.

4.  Monitor and Record Vehicles Driving in the Reverse Direction

The system uses video tracking technology to track motor vehicles on screen, and can directly detect and snapshot vehicles driving in the reverse direction and identify the license plates.

5. Monitor and Record Illegal Occupation of Lanes for Non-Motor Vehicles

Based on vehicle tracking and identification, the system can detect and record vehicles illegally driving on the non-motor lane or emergency lane. The snapshots contain elements for law enforcement, such as stop signs, lane lines, vehicle position and license plates.

6. Monitor and Record of Illegal Parking

Through video detection, the system can identify traffic signal, track vehicle, discover anomaly, and analyze traffic incident alert (such as: vehicle stops at green light at an intersection, and traffic congestion) to help traffic authorities obtain timely and accurate road condition information at intersections.

7. Motorcycle Snapshot Capability

In recent years, the number of motorcycles grows rapidly in some cities, giving rise to motorcycle-involved public security cases and criminal offenses, including thefts and robberies. The Duolun Comprehensive Violation Monitoring System has added a new function--able to identify and snapshot motorcycles and saves the results separately. Also, the back-stage integrated management platform can search for vehicles based on time, location, driving direction and other information, helping public security authorities solve motorcycle-involved criminal cases.

(2) Pedestrian Crossing Warning System


Diagram of Pedestrian Crossing Warning System

Based on video detection, intelligent behavior recognition, Internet of Things communication, low-power LED and other technologies, the pedestrian crossing warning system uses artificial intelligence and machine visualization to automatically identify pedestrian behavior. When a pedestrian about to cross the road is detected, flashing road studs are triggered to remind the passing vehicles to slow down and yield and guide pedestrians to pass safely, thus effectively avoiding traffic accidents.

Pedestrian crossing warning system consists of intelligent pedestrian detectors, LED road studs, and road stud controllers. When a pedestrian enters into the detection area of an intersection, the pedestrian detector triggers flashing road studs to send out a yield signal, which warns the passing vehicles to slow down and pay attention to pedestrians. The system improves pedestrian safety at intersections and reduces traffic accidents. It can be used at major intersections with heavy traffic of national, provincial, county and township highways as well as city and village roads.

(3) Automatic Honking Snapshot System


Automatic Snapshot of Honking Violation 

Motor vehicle honking detection system can accurately identify and snapshot vehicles honking illegally in traffic, record the evidence and upload it to data platform for uniform management. By building a management system based on big data, we impose effective control over honking violation.

Application Scenarios:

Crossroads in no-honking area;

Special areas and road sections near schools, hospitals, or government agencies;

Congested road sections, honking to sound frustration;

Outskirt of important areas, political centers and other areas.

(4) Interval Speed Measurement System


Function Interface of Interval Speed Measurement System 

The interval speed measurement system is a speed measurement system based on the fixed-point speed measurement and license plate recognition. It calculates the average speed of the vehicle within the fixed section by measuring the passing time. The driving distance is fixed between the two speed measurement points, and the passing time is the time difference between the two measurement points. By monitoring the important highway sections around the clock, the interval speed measurement system automatically snapshots speeding vehicles and issues penalties, which reduces traffic accidents and achieves intelligent management and control.

The speed measurement methods include coil speed measurement, radar speed measurement, and video speed measurement. Among the three methods, video speed measurement is less ideal in accuracy, and coil speed measurement requires inconvenient road construction, so radar speed measurement is the most widely used. By combining advantages of radar speed measurement and checkpoint snapshot system, we can impose strict control over highway speeding violation.

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