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IoV-Based Traffic Information Service Cloud Control Platform

The IoV-based traffic information service cloud control platform is a software platform providing traffic information services, a product developed by Duolun Technology based on years of technology buildup in big data, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Vehicles. With vehicles as information perception objects, the platform uses new-generation real-time communication technologies for close “people-vehicle-road-cloud” collaboration, to improve vehicle’s overall intelligent driving capability and provide users with safe, comfortable, intelligent and efficient traffic services and driving experience. Also, it aims to boost transport efficiency and make urban traffic services smarter.

The platform adopts monolithic architecture of "cloud + edge + end", which integrates multidimensional dynamic and static urban traffic big data, such as vehicle sensor data, Internet travel data, traffic signal control data, e-police/checkpoint vehicle passage data, and parking lot data, to calculate and analyze real-time traffic status of urban road network. It then provides traffic participants with real-time online traffic information services, such as real-time road condition, traffic emergency notification, green wave speed guidance and parking guidance through mobile APP, the Internet, and traffic guidance screens.



Multidimensional Data Fusion


Multi-Channel Information Release


City-Level Micro-Guidance Based on Cloud-Edge-End Power


Combined Release of Multi-Mode Traffic Guidance

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